Bright Horizons at Fairfield
Preschool Program

The Puzzled Giraffe recently had the opportunity to sit down with Will Wintermute, the Director of Bright Horizons at Fairfield, to talk about their Preschool Program and what sets them apart from other child care options.  As parents, we know that the preschool years are important for our little ones.  Children are advancing both cognitively and physically every day and are able to take on more challenges both academically and emotionally.   We want our children to meet new friends, learn important social skills and have fun, all while making sure that a solid foundation has been laid to prepare them to enter kindergarten and the school years ahead. At Bright Horizons at Fairfield, they understand the importance of this journey and offer a thoughtful and carefully designed READY for SCHOOL program to prepare each child for this important next step.


Bright Horizons at Fairfield uses their “World at Their Fingertips” curriculum as the foundation of their Preschool and Kindergarten Prep programs.  The heart of the “World at Their Fingertips” curriculum is the use of intentional guidance.  Intentional guidance allows our little ones to learn and prepare through participating in activities that have interest to them.  This allows a curriculum which is designed to build upon the strengths and unique talents of each child and under the care of professional teachers, each child gets the encouragement and guidance they need to reach their greatest potential.  Best of all it keeps our kiddos interested and engaged as they learn the skills they need to enter the next step in their educational journey.


Bright Horizon’s at Fairfield’s Preschool program includes areas of focus in reading & writing, math & science concepts, large & small muscle skills, and social & emotional development.They provide focus in learning through a balanced education guided by:  Language Works, Math Counts, Science Rocks, ArtSmart, Our World, and Well Aware.  Each of these curriculum components support and develop the key skills our children need and lay the educational foundation needed for a lifetime of academic participation and success.  The activities range from counting and drawing to exercise and yoga.  What we really love about the curriculum at  Bright Horizons at Fairfield’s is its practicality and diversity.  Language Works, Math Counts, and Science Rocks all focus on building the foundational knowledge needed for successful educational development in the years of school to follow, and ArtSmart, Our World and Well Aware focus on building upon the natural talents our children possess as well as exploring emotional intelligence, identity development, understanding diversity, and providing our kids with an initial avenue to think and explore the many different aspects of cultural that makes our world such a wonderful place.   What parent wouldn’t want their child exposed to all these diverse, fun and educational experiences!


All children learn at different rates and in different ways, and Bright Horizons at Fairfield recognizes this. A very important part of their curriculum is to track each child’s developmental progress with ongoing evaluations. In doing this, they are able to assess skills, create goals with parents feedback, and help each child hit their next developmental milestone. Bright Learner, their state-of-the-art system, helps track each child’s ongoing progress and keep caregivers up to date via daily communications, weekly planning forms, and periodic family conferences. Parents are an active part of the learning experience through the Bright Learner program and we love how well informed it keeps everyone as well as the opportunities it provides for parents and caregivers to support and build upon the skills they are learning all day.


Bright Horizons left us truly feeling that they consider parents as their full partners  and although parents leave their children at the center each day, they are still active participants and play a key role in their child’s educational plan. Together, goals are created to inspire each child, making sure each moment of childhood is one of wonder and joy, and to ensure that  the milestones they experience today pave the way for a lifelong love of learning.

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